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In-App Purchases!

Time Limits!



Data Usage!


3D Graphics!

    Find nourishment & grow into a healthy adult snake!

    Explore your environment and make the world your own!

    Beware! obstacles lurk behind every turn!

    Don’t get tangled up. Plan your moves in advance or die!


      Probably an iPhone 5 or better, iOS 9 at LEAST. Also required, an internet connection to download, and 0.99 cents to purchase forever. Why do we charge, you say? Well, mostly because we have poured a lot of work and effort into this, but we don’t want to flood people with ads, nor to use their personal information and sell it. Keep in mind, it’s less than what you would pay for a candy bar.


      The Collected Works

      App Development

      Josh Kneedler

      Website Development

      Nick DiMatteo


      The Collected Works, 2016

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